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Another recall notice?

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It appears we will be receiving yet another recall notice, this one associated to an issue with the accelerator pedal assembly's return springs.

GM recall notice # 05018

NHTSA Campaign ID # 05V046000

Looks like it effects quite a few other cars.
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A solid defense strategy, as long as the outside temp. is below -22 degrees might experience some level of difficulty convincing the judge of that one considering your demographics.
Ah, Kings County. I had an uncle who was one of the original founders of the Superior Dairy Products. Some of the best ice cream available anywhere.

My wife and I used to fly back to Hanford (HJO for you pilots, yes I also have my PPL) on weekends to visit family in the area and always stopped by the Dairy for some of thier small-lot, hand made ice cream.
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