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Another recall notice?

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It appears we will be receiving yet another recall notice, this one associated to an issue with the accelerator pedal assembly's return springs.

GM recall notice # 05018

NHTSA Campaign ID # 05V046000

Looks like it effects quite a few other cars.
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""Separately, the agency said 19,924 Cadillac SRX and Cadillac XLRs, along with Pontiac Grand Prix models from the 2004 model year, were being recalled because of potential problems with their accelerator pedals. ""

Exactly what I needed!!
I got a ticket going 120mph....I tried to tell the judge the pedal I have the proof!! :thumbs
101 ....Kings County
Right in your back yard when I got it.

80 and beautiful as usual :cool
my memories of Kings Co aren't so "charming" :yawn
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