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It's probably in the manual... most of you probably already know this... but after driving our XLR for 2 years, we just learned this by accident.

After you put the top up and you get the little chime indicating it is finished... you can release the button and press it for top up once more AND THE WINDOWS GO UP TOO!

Damn... all these years and I thought I just had to hit the door buttons for that and wondered why it would roll them down but not up.

Who says you can't teach an old dog... :thumbs

When I first bought my 04 I sat in the car for hours finding out all the little things that I didn't want to find out 2 years later. Also had to do the same with my 06-V, but at least I knew how this time.
You can also set up your radio for every channel to have your sound settings, like heavy base on any channel, but you have to sit there for quite a while pressing the set button on the seat every time you set a channel to your preferences, but it's well worth the time.
This is also described in the nav manual.
Yep you are correct, you have 5 seconds to hit the top button a 2nd time and the windows will go up, as long as the windows have been indexed.

Thank you
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