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Am radio reception

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Do any of you have poor AM radio reception? The radio in my Escalade receives
50 000 watt stations 100 miles away. The XLR range is about 30. The dealer has been unresponsive. I live in middle Georgia and listen to several Atlanta stations, especially those broadcasting Ga. Tech events. FM and XM are OK.
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Antenna's that are enbedded in the windshield don't work very well on the AM band. The Rod type antenna are the best. But of course they spoil the looks of the XLR. All I have to do is step into my Wife Eldorado to hear the differents (has a Rod type Antenna) However the performance of the STS enbedded Antenna is better than that of the XLR. Have pointed this out to my Dealer. Have heard nothing back.
The XLR isn't quite as good as the Vette (coupe with embedded antenna in both the front and back glass).

Doesn't seem like it would be too hard to get a power antenna installed if AM is primary to you (I listen a lot too but works OK in this area). The Vette convertible has a power antenna and is basically the same platform. I know a number of those owners who have replaced their power antenna with an amplified deal mounted in the car (they are fiberglass so it works well). Either way would improve that reception.
Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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