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It is hard to believe but another week has flown by. So, I thought I'd throw in another update on the All Member XLR Poll. For those who have not taken it, please go to:

It takes less than 10 seconds and it is very helpful if all forum members vote (once). Even if you aren't interested in purchasing an XLR, your vote counts.

As of 12/3/03, we are still a very serious forum. Of those who responded, 75% have placed money on an XLR. Owners account for 42% of those who responded, while people who put downpayments on the vehicle account for the remaining 33%. Only 8% of those who responded were not interested in purchasing an XLR.

We had a jump in the number of people who responded but it seems there has also been a jump in the number of forum members. Therefore, the total number of repondents only went from 5% to 6% of the forum population.

Next update will be in two weeks...
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