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Aftermarket Wood Dash Kit

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Has anyone purchased/installed one of the aftermarket wood dash kits in their XLR. I have been looking at a couple of companies that offer kits and am interested if anyone else has purchased or installed to determine who might have the best kit. I have purchased several of these kits for other cars (Escalade), but there seems to be only a few companies offering kits for the XLR.
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Who are the vendors you've found so far? has a Sherwood wood dash kit for $317.59 and LGT Automotive has them listed on eBay at $350. These are both matching the factory wood. Autoanything has cheaper models for other wood styles or colors.
They almost match. The grain is going the opposite direction around the shift handle. Most on the center stack looks stuck on. I've seen it look nice on some cars but in this case I look at it like wearing a real diamond ring next to the fake. Cheapens it entirely and everyone assumes they're all fake. This is what you do to a Chevy.
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