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After Market Accessories??

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Does anyone know of after market accessories being available yet? If so, where? I'd love to see a wind screen. I know Cadillac says it isn't needed, but it really is. There is quite a bit more wind in my NM XLR with no windscreen than there is in my SL500 with one. In the XLRs defense, there is much less wind than with my SL with no windscreen.

I'd also like to investigate replacing the metal in the center of the dash with matching wood.

With the top down, it was pointed out to me that if something in the trunk were to bounce, it might hit the top and chip the paint, albeit unlikely. So I'm also looking for some extension to the current partition. For now, I've put a blanket around anything in the truck with the top down.

I've attached a picture of my XLR just off the truck with the protective plastic skin still on (notice the bubbles).


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I found two hats and a shirt with XLR logos at, but it's a gawd-awful Web site. You have to scroll way, way right.

I don't get the impression these are Cadillac-licensed products, but hats and a shirt that were done on a local embroidery machine.
I am sure there will be some parts coming out for the cars. I make a lot of parts for Corvettes. It takes a while to get your hands on a car and really work on some parts. I am still waiting on the car.

As for the wood the companies that make dash kits are working on kit for the car. Once, I see them I will try and post some info or pics.

In Nov. is the SEMA show in Vegas and that is where a lot of new products get demo and introduced. I will be there and will be sure to report back any relevant stuff.
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