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Does anyone know of a centralized place to view aftermarket accessories for the XLR? By searching the Internet I have found windscreens, car covers, custom wheels, exhaust tips and a unit that works with the existing ECM to improve vehicle performance. I have no way of knowing if I have found everything available (I doubt it).
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I think you have it all. I'm still looking for matching wood kits.

You might try looking at Allen's "Mr. XLR" web site he has a more things then anyone else at this point and he is adding things all the time. He will also give you a discount if you tell him you are from this forum.

Blaise :thumbs
XLR Gift Boutique

Blaise Thank you,

As most of you (members) know I do not push sales of XLR's or merchandise on the forum. I have always felt I will be glad to pass along my XLR knowledge & advice, and hopefully my professionalism to XLR owners that have not received the education or the level of bumper to bumper training each owner should receive from their XLR sales executive.

A great percentage of forum members have been clients of mine for quite some time. In the next week or so I will be opening the XLR Gift Boutique. There will be more than 12 collections of merchandise ranging from key chains to luggage tags and coasters to portfolios.

There will be an electronic catalog in a PDF format that you will be able to view (Adobe reader required) that is about 14 pages. There will also be a hard catalog to follow.

What Blaise mentioned is that forum members will receive a 20% discount on all merchandise with only a small handful of exceptions. The details will follow soon.

Thank you
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Performance Improvement Accessories

The bookmark I have for the ECM adapter is on my comptuer at the office. I believe it was made by Jet Performance, and I will send you the link soon. In the interim take a look at the following link:
radar detectors

anyone have a link where I could get a radar detector that hides in the onstar rearview mirror unit?
Yes, I have four of these for my vehicles. Not cheap at $400 a pop but they have the best rep.
Check it out.
Happy New Year
Thanks, but I'm looking for a radar detector that is completely out of sight and replaces the onstar mirror. It's got onstar, etc, but also has a radar detector as an integrated part of the mirror.
I think you might find that this type of unit is probably a gadget and will not give you the protection that Valentine1 does.
Top unit

Go to Radar Roy's site: Roy is an ex cop who rates and reviews ALL of the police-speeding systems--he seperates the bull from the best (I think he's reliable--see for your self)!

I had to pay the extra 30 bucks for the #1 rated Escort/Passport X50 in blue, to match my Xenon Blue XLR! (I have no idea why blue LED's cost more than red ones... :nodno )

The only trick is that you have to mount it high enough on the glass, to give the rear-facing "port" a view out the rear window.

It has clearly saved my you-know-what from speed traps on at least 6 occasions in the last 8 months, including two, instant laser alerts of cars ahead of me! :thumbs

Not top unit

Hey Bob,
We probably could debate the radar units till the cows come home, but I've got a heavy foot and have had Valentine one's in my vehicles for the past 10 years and, Knock on wood, have never had a radar ticket since switching to Valentine One.

Radar Roy's ratings clearly admit the Valentine One is excellent in every way. His only drawback was the price, which is only $60 dollars over your unit, and V-1 cannot detect pop-3 radar guns......... WRONG...:nono .... His site is not up to date and V-1's now can detect pop-3.

I can't imagine a person that sells nothing but Escorts & Belltronics radar detectors, saying Valentine One is the best out there. Even if Radar Ray doesn't own the company, I'm sure he gets paid generously for saying what he says.

Bottom line...............Everyone has a choice, and they should buy what they feel will work for them. I tend to steer away from gadgets because that's what they usually are. Thank God for people who take back gadgets.
Watch you back and sides,................ mine do.:jester
Great talking with someone that can listen as well as talk
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You might want to check out the SR7 with Shifter that is made by Escort/Passport.
I put one in my car and you don't have anything on the windshield. It is all hidden.
I have the control panel on the side of the consol but if you don't want that to show it comes with a LED. You can mount the LED in the dash or anywhere. It is green and turns red when it sees any kind of laser or radar. It also has an audio alarm that comes on if you want.
It has sensors that mount in the front grill and one that mounts on the rear lic. plate.
Yes the Escort cost more then the Valentine One "I got mine on ebay brand new in the box for about $750.00" but I think it looks so much better then having something hanging on the windshield that does not look like it should be there. Plus you have to remove the ones you mount to the windshield when you park your car with the top down or it may not be there when you return.

Also I agree with "standby" that the one you are looking for is just a gadget.

FYI, If you mount ANY dector on the windshield you have to make sure that it is below the sunscreen that is build into the windshield because if you don't it will not see the Laser signal.

If you or anyone else wants some photos of mine I will be glad to email them to you.

Blaise :thumbs :thumbs
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Gee, I think I'd like one of those. I've just been so impressed with my Valentine's and never had any trouble with them. Who sells the SR7 with shifter? Valentine tucks in very nicely behind the rear view mirror and just lets me see display.

I agree with you about things getting legs if the tops down. I came back to my car at a mall and found some letters that where above my sun visor on the seat and my Nav system in the open position..........guess someone scared the theives off. No more showing off, the top goes up.
Check out this is there other site that shows the professional install models. It says that you need to have a professional install all of these but I have done three in different cars and trucks now so if you have the time and can work with tools its not that bad..

FYI if you have your V 1 mounted right behind the mirror the laser detector may not be working that well because the laser signal sometimes does not get thru the sun blocker at the top of the windshield very well.
You should have some kind of note in your booklet that talks about this.

Blaise :flag

I know it sounds like a Caddy model, but it is also a laser jammer made by passport, and is on the website that Blaise posted.

My experience is that laser detectors don't work worth a flip if you are on the road by yourself. And around here, San Anotnio, Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, and New Orleans are all destinations where you get miles and miles of open road. And them smokies are behind every bridge (especially when you cross onto the wrong side of the Sabine River).

Texas state troopers are rapidly moving away from radar into laser. The only thing that works - (almost) all the time is a jammer.

The SRX is a cool little device that is installed "integral" to your vehicle. It has a tiny user interface that mounts over your mirror, and has two detector heads. The front one mounts under the hood, and the back one mounts on your license plate bracket.

It doesn't get the rating of the valentine for only one reason: it costs $1400 and is not portable.

But if you want the BEST, in my opinion, this is it.
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There is a NEW SR7 w/Shifter on ebay now for about $500.00 it will go for about $700.00 in the end I think. If you buy one from a store they are $1599.00. :thumbs :thumbs

I would get the SR7 w/Shifter over the SRX because it is there newest one out and it is upgradeable. They make just an SR7 also but get the one with Shifter with it to save some money, if not you will have to buy the Shifter ADD on system for about another $300.00.
The Shifter is NOT a jammer but what it does is Shift the "Lazer" signal to the side so the cop does not get a reading on your car. You can read more about this on there web site.
I looked at puting the display/console up by the mirror put that would really be a lot more work because you would have to go thru the windshield instead of the top. So I installed it on the side of my console and put the mute button next to the shift lever.

Blaise :seeya
Cadillac XLR Gift Boutique Hard Copy Catalogs

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