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Jetboyphx said:
Nice, I like those garage door tracks and openers. How is the flooring for drainage if you wash the car in the garage?
The seams where the Swisstrax tiles are joined together are snug fitting, but not watertight. Consequently, water can go to the floor below and whatever drainage (slope) was there before would still apply.

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Ed and Sandra

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Ed and Sandra-

Your "Garage Mahal" is beautiful! I chose the same floor and the same color combination, but have a slightly different pattern laid down.

I've been so bad! Still haven't painted, got the stainless sink but it is still in the box!

A/C is in and working, but I'm not satisfied with the install. My vendor bent the housing and now the thing sounds like a thrashing machine. In the immortal words of Rosanna Rosanna Dana, "It just goes to show, there's always something..."

I need to take some photos. Thanks for sharing yours.
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