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If you're seeking for a truly custom look for your Cadillac XLR, that will make it noticed everywhere you drive, installing a set of Forgiato Wheels would be your best bet. Built for those who stay one step ahead from the others and want to ride with their own style, Forgiato makes some of the most exotic wheel designs with outstanding quality.

Forgiato is one of those brands, that constantly introduces new models to the world and when they do, they do it like nobody else. This year they've chosen the most extravagant way to grab everyone's attention on 2018 SEMA show when introducing the new Orologio wheels. They've decided to bring a burnt-out Mercedes-Maybach S-Class with no modifications whatsoever, apart from their brand new stunning 22-inch Orologio custom wheels it sits on. The idea was to show how the wheels stand out, even when the car does not.

Click on the pictures below to find out more about available sizes and other features of Forgiato Orologio rims on our site!


*Source: Forgiato on Instagram.


- Exquisite, eye-catching design to give your truck a jaw-dropping appearance
- Lightweight forged construction for reduced unsprung weight
- Proven to enhance acceleration, braking, responsiveness and grip
- Strong enough to handle the most demanding high-performance applications
- Highly resistant to corrosion and deformations for long-lasting service life
- Proudly built and finished in the USA.

Forgiato™ | Wheels & Rims from an Authorized Dealer -

What do you think about these wheels? Share your thoughts in the comments below.​
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