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A few XLR pictures I took January 03

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These were taken at the Philadelphia International Auto Show, January 2003. The XLR was identical in color to my Electron Blue Corvette ...........and Electron Blue is being disontinued very soon on Corvettes. Hmmmmmmmm

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Thanks Glenn. Nice shots.

I saw it at the autoshow in Detroit. More of a silver color in that case.

I also saw one on the road in Grosse Pointe. We tend to see early release cars around here on occasion.
Sweet! Thin tires though. :skep
"Ready for lift off"
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Boy that baby's got a big ole booty like a vette...sweet!!!
That blue looks like it could be like my Navy Blue Metallic 28U. Anyone have an idea of the price tag on that
Thanks for the pics Glen.
What do they call that color? It looks darker than the Xenon Blue photos I’ve seen.
Nice, thanks for sharing!
wow thats cool.
bullahu said:
Is that a Corsa exhaust?:cool
Nope, stock C5 exhaust since 2001 model year.

Thanks for the pics! One sweet ride!
Bringing the XLR pictures thread back to the top so all can see!:seeya
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