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95 Production Units!

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June 2003 - August 2003 Production Numbers

Just looked at this week's production estimates for U.S. cars. It seems that there are now 95 production XLRs. 35 XLRs were manufactured over the last week.

I believe I read that the stated goal was 1,700 production XLRs by the end of the calendar year. Should be interesting to see how Cadillac will manage to ramp-up to that production level.
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An additional 33 XLRs were produced last week (7/18-7/25). This brings the (approximate) total to 128 production XLRs - or about 2.5 for every state. I'd hate to see that half a car...:D
According to the U.S. Production numbers, 37 XLRs were manufactured during the last week. This is up from 33 the previous week (4 is significant with this low of a number).

Overall total is now approximately 165 production-level 2004 XLRs. That number may be slightly on the high side since the Automotive News estimate for all of July is 105 production XLRs.
Declining Production?

Just looked at this week's numbers. It is a little strange but first the good news:

49 XLRs were produced since 8/4/03.

Now the bad news, the July numbers appear to have been revised to a much smaller number than I had reported earlier. The estimated U.S. production number for XLRs in July is now 15 units.

So, 15+49 means that there *may* be around 65 production level XLRs produced.

It will be interesting to see what the numbers look like next Friday.
112 Total Production Units

The estimate was 47 production-level XLRs were completed between 8/11/03 and 8/16/03. By *my* count that brings the total production units back to 112 XLRs, as of 8/16/03. These numbers take into account the revised July figures.
Al. try this link and see if it works:

The numbers are sometimes corrected the following week/month, so it seems to be a bit of a challenge to track the actual number.
According to this week's estimate, another 76 production-level XLRs are out. If true, that is certainly a record number for a single week. I'm sure some of this is due to the hold-overs from July as problems were fixed.

My count is now up to 188 production-level XLRs.

If there has been an additional stop, I suspect that will not show-up until the end of August, when the monthly updates are made.
End of August XLR Numbers

The August XLR numbers have been revised. According to the new estimates, the August total production for 2004 XLRs was 107 units. Originally there was a greater than 200 XLR burst listed at the end of August, but, not surprisingly, this has been removed.

With the new numbers, the total number of production level XLRs is now estimated to be: 122 XLRs.

I plan to start a new thread for September numbers.

Last estimate I heard was a rate of 10 XLRs per day coming off the assembly line.
Revised Numbers

Numbers for August have been revised in the above append.

Thank you for using the Cadillac Personal Assistant program. I wanted to share some new information I just received on the XLR. Production has begun on salable units and dealers are currently accepting customer orders. Cadillac is in a ramp-up phase and is currently only making 8-10 vehicles per day. However, Cadillac will produce 22 vehicles per day during full production.

The 2004 Cadillac XLR will be available at dealerships late August/September. Production for the 2004 Cadillac XLR started Mid-June. Your local Cadillac dealership has been issued the latest brochure on the XLR, please check will them for availability.:thumbs
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