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On the way home from Fontana (California Raceway) today I crossed swords with a very good looking red Viper, the only problem was he caught me hung out on an on ramp in 2nd gear and beat me up a little on to the freeway. Don't worry the story gets better.
We both got off the Freeway onto secondary streets.
Three lights, three wins to 80 MPH.
Guess who won.
One (Ichiban) platinum V. Got him off the line and it wasn't even a race to 80.
In the 1/4 mile I would have had a lot of egg on my face.

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Hans is flying again

Tell you the truth Hans, I think a ran up against a guy showing off for his son in the right hand seat and blew it. How many times have I said, "Put two drivers in the same type of car and one is going to be the better driver." I think I was on Saturday.
140 MPH Huuuuuuuuuuum. We would be running out of air in my front right tire by now.
Cadillac refused to fix my TPM's that where showing bad readings. There feeling is, I have 3 piece custom rims that weren't compatible with the TPM's that I bought from them and didn't want to be responsible for the rims. They did do their magic wand routine, but put to much air in my right rear and when I brought it down to 33 the DIC still read 39. The computer or TPM's don't want to read a change in the TPM's.
I may have to go back to Grand Prix and inform them that they need to make a new set of rims that are compatible with the PTM's, or fill the holes that they made on the inside for the valves, instead of on the outside rim.
I have extensions on the inside ones now in the rear and they barely clear the calipers. I can't put them on the front because they would hit the calipers, so I keep a pair of extensions in the console to put on if I need air.
This is really stupid.
Have a nice holiday

harrysxlr said:
Hi Bob,

who wants to beat ICHIBAN only a very few will, wished I was with you.

Me and my wife are right now in Nimes/French, had a very good drive and the first hour I ve made an average speed of 140 mph how do you like this?????

I hope they have Internet at the Holiday Inn in Spain so you ll see me here.

Hey, if I had the chance between Ichiban and a Viper you ll know what I take - right.:thumbs ICHIBAN

Hasta la Francia

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