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2010 rendezous

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2010 Rendezous

is there a 2010 rendezvous planned?
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V Happy

I have never been to one of your events, but it sounds like a good time. Put me in for a vote for Carlisle Pa. That is real car country and would say wonders for the XLR . Majority of the people that meet there have no idea the XLR exists. I've loved the V car since the first day I laid my eyes on it. I think it would do wonders for the cars image. Summer is beautiful there!!!!
V Happy:cheers
I vote for Bowling Green around the weekend of 6/18
I'd like to attend at Bowling Green as the weekend at Carlisle is no longer an option - wedding.:mad I'm unavailable June 25-July 11.
looks like we are up to 10. Lets pick it up and have big show
looks like we are up to 10. Lets pick it up and have big show
I'll be at bowling green if it's there. Any weekend would be fine.

when will we set a date?
when will we set a date?

Let's get everybody to agree on a date.

Post the dates you would like

Alumni attendees can attest that the summer is.....HOT!! up there. 100 degree days and very high humidity are common.

EVENT COORDINATORS: I would like to ask moneypit and rbrown (they have to accept first) to "take the point" on this event and shepard it through to the end.



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I'm good for almost any date .Its not too hot for me thats why we have air conditioned seats.:jester
The second or third weekend in June at Bowling Green would be OK with me.

The second or third weekend in June at Bowling Green would be OK with me.

I would be glad to help where I can. I live about 2 hours from bowling green and have been there a few times so I could help there. I know nothing about doing a meet but I would do what I can. Just let me know.
We would love to hook up with everyone in Bowling Green in June if the dates are right for us to come.
I take it that Bowling Green is history due to lack of interest?

2010 Rendvezous

How many Silverstreaks do we have on this forum?

I vote for BG the weekend of 6/18.

What happened, I thought we had the ball rolling for the weekend 6/18 at BG?
Has anyone thought of placing our events in any of the car magizines?
There is a magizine that is free named "DRIVE" that has an EVENT section that we could list our '2010 Rendezous' in.
Their web site is: www.DRIVEONLINE.COM
Well, here it is 6/15/2010, the day I was planning on leaving for BG, KY. and have not heard from anybody about R-V!

I guess it isn't going to happen!

Soooo disappointed!

2010 rendezvous

Did I miss this event again this year?? Please keep me in the loop, I would love to participate.
Has anyone thought of doing rendezvous in conjuction with a motorsports event such as, an ALMS or Grand Am race? Petit Le Mans is in Atlanta in October. There is also Mid Ohio.
Yes we have done that in the past and yes we can do it again if enough members are interested.

The big thing here is getting the interest up and for some interested members to "take the point" and lead the function through to completion.



I agree that we need to get something planned as a lot of folks would really like to attend.
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