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2010 Holiday Special-Free Gift + Discounts! = )

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Beat the rush this year!

*15% off any WindRestrictor
*50% off customized graphics
*FREE bonus gift with every purchase!
While supplies last.

Call now to get your order in line >> 972-487-5987
Or order online here >>>
Promo Code is

Because of the overwhelming response we get each year to our Holiday
Special we've decided to introduce this year's special now so that everyone
has plenty of time to take advantage of it. There is plenty of time to get your
custom orders placed, designed, produced and shipped durring this special time of the year! If anyone has any questions at all on this special please contact us here >>>
[email protected]

Free Gift!

Please accept this free gift package from DuraGloss with every purchase!
Check out these amazing DuraGloss products at >>> Duragloss Car Care Products

These are some of our favorite products around! While supplies last only. Sizes vary.
#111, Duragloss CCP (Clear Coat Polish)
#921, Duragloss FC (Fast Clean & Shine)
#681, Duragloss PLP (Plastic Lens Polish)
#901, Duragloss CWC (Car Wash Concentrate)

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Ok everyone now is your chance to surprise that special someone with something amazing for Christmas! There is still plenty of time to get orders placed, designed, produced and shipped in time for that special day. Let us know if you need any help with custom graphics or ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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How many days till Christmas? :)

Get in on this sweet holiday deal for you or your honey:yesnod

Happy Black Friday everyone! Have fun out there shopping and be safe. If any of you were considering purchasing during our Holiday Special time now would be the day! Let us know if we can help. Have a good weekend!

~Windrestrictor Crew
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Congratulations to all of you that have got in on this excellent promotion! We still have supplies left on our FREE GIFT giveaway and of course all of our discounts are still active. We’ve had a popular question come up about getting Christmas orders, particularly personalized orders produced and delivered in time this year. Currently there is still time to have custom orders placed, designed, approved, produced and shipped out in time to make it to your door for that big day!

Need help with your custom graphics? Let us know asap and we can help you out with design work at no extra charge. Now, all orders are being processed in the order that they are received and we are working on them just as quickly as we can without sacrificing any quality. Email us or call if you have any questions for us. As you know we enjoy hearing from our friends here over the Holidays!

You better be good, you better think twice!

~Windrestrictor Crew
We're excited about the new orders we've received. Everyone be on the look out for your custom graphics proofs so that we can get approval to move on with your custom orders. You should receive something by Friday at the latest.

We still have time to get orders finished and shipped in time for Christmas but it's getting close so let us know soon! :thumbs:

15% Off Windrestrictor + 50% Off custom graphics
+ Free gift with every order. Need it before Christmas?
We need to know now! = )

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Call now to get your order started 972-487-5987
Email us at [email protected] for more info!
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Ok everyone there is still time to get in on this but not much!
This special ends Friday the 31st @ Midnight. The discount code is Holiday2010 Please call us ASAP if you want to get your order in line for production. Remember, the custom artwork is now 50% off and you can decide on your graphics anytime as long as your order is placed before the 31st at midnight. Illuminated Door Sills are also 15% off right now!

Email us at [email protected] for more details or give us a call now at 972-487-5987 if you need assistance placing your order. Have a good week everyone!

p.s. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations! = )
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