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2006 XLR-V with 400 miles on EBAY ended 2/21/07 no bids!

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EBAY item 180086023215 at $70000 asking didn't sell. Ouch!
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the starting bid was at 70k........
it may have had a reserve price set higher.......
no serious shoppers around to find out though

I read that Foley Cadillac had two new '06 advertized last weekend for $75K
I'm glad I got enough out of my 04 to trade up even to my 06-V, otherwise I'd really be mifted...............and as for putting more money into my V...............forget about it. Cars are getting like boats.

instead of a hole in the water to throw your money into, it's a chuck hole in the road to throw money into.
I think this is a sad day for Cadillac..................AGAIN
Starting bid $70,000........You can do better at a dealer:bs
Don't feel bad, Corvettes are not holding their value either. I dropped by the Caddy dealer in Fresno yesterday, they have a "V" they will sell on GMS plan along with a couple fo XLR's, same deal. What's odd is they have numerous Corvettes in stock, including a Z06 but they won't deal on it and I will not pay MSRP for one.
As you, I have been around the barn a few times and have bought at the dealers cost most of the times back East.
When I finally moved to California I thought the dealers where nuts wanting 5K or 10K over sticker and this was in 1980. I also thought the people had more money than brains and would give these dealers what ever they wanted.
Every time I've bought a new car out here, I had to fight for a deal and pit dealer against dealer. My last venture in buying the V will be my last.
Not so anymore, things are changing and I don't intend to be able to see into the future but I really think things are going to change and we will again get some value for our bucks.
Oracle Bob
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