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2006 XLR-V $10k Discount Incentive

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2006 XLR-V $10k GM National Discount Incentive

I just got back from my dealer this morning.

They told me that GM is offering a $10k discount as incentive out to get rid of the remaining 2006 XLR-V's.


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I believe they have had one for awhile, is this an additional 10k??
It's a NATIONAL DISCOUNT as I understand .

Here's a "Just Curious Question" for you--How does the XLR handle in the snow?? I live in Florida

The discounts are running a lot higher that $10,000...:nopity
So where does this put the price of a new 2006 XLR-V now? For those that hang on to their cars awhile this has got to make this year car a screaming performance bargain!:cheers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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