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2006 XLR - Lease assumption - Infrared w/ Cashmeire

Hello all,

I am in the process of buying another home and have to clear out some toys. I have a 2006 XLR with 2200 miles. It has been garaged and covered since day one and never seen the rain. IMPECCABLE, non smoker, plastic mats, hand waxed and hand washed with the highest quality materials... I got a very good lease deal from GMAC. It is a 27 month lease, 10k per year. Payments are $818.00 per month. There are approx. 22 months remaining and I am asking for $2500.00 up front to have someone assune the lease through GMAC. Obviously you have to have good credit to be approved through GMAC and the process takes about 3 weeks I am told. The car in located in Westchester County, NY but can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.. I would pay for the vehicle inspection so that you are fully aware of it being as new as I claim. This is the lowest payment I have seen on this car as of yet.

If interested, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you all,


It's not a big deal, but we do try to keep our milk with our cookies and our scotch with our soda. Sometimes we get on a kick about something that has nothing to do with the thread and then we try to find it to help someone and we can't because it's not in the proper thread.
We mess up too.
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