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2005 XLR Navigation System

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In viewing the 2006 STS Navigation System, I see a marked difference in appearance of the screen. The map detail is much easier to see as the colors are more vivid. Also, in daylight the screen does not seem to wash out from glare like the 2005 XLR. Is this something that can be upgraded in the 2005 XLR Nav System? If it is a software issue, can a new prom be inserted to update the system?
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1_XLR said:
just to make sure you are aware...., there are different settings for the screen appearance, 2D, 3D etc, as well as light settings to help with the wash out. Otherwise Andy may be able to answer this.

The nav in my XLR-V was no different than my 04 XLR, but I haven't seen the new STS
As we reported in an earlier thread, we found the display in our 2006 Escalade for both the navigation and entertainment systems to be noticeably superior to that in our 2005 XLR. That includes general appearance and specific content of the screen displays.

Ed and Sandra
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