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My mechanic said Cadillac no longer makes rack & pinions for XLRs, so he replaced mine with one from O'Reilly's.
The Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires are brand new.
My mechanic installed new OEM shocks--front and rear, and replaced the power steering pump and reservoir.
The car is meticulously maintained, 96,000 miles, the drive train in tip-top shape.
However, the car now handles like crap. The steering, once smooth as butter (like my Eldorado), is now so stiff that it's a chore to turn, especially at low speeds.
I wouldn't buy any car that handled this rigidly, let alone a Corvette or a Cadillac.
To top it off, the car also now grabs every damn rut in the road.
I've put all of this into my roadster and ended up with an inferior vehicle.
It's more than about the money, much more; I'm sure you understand.
Any solid advice would be appreciated.
Thanks, guys.
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