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When the owner of the dealership gets in on Monday, I'll probably be down there with check in hand, and it will be Crimson Red. He already agreed to sell me another at MSRP, , but what will that be? Should I trade my 2004 Platnium or put it on E-Bay?

I guess that will be the next thing after we find out the HP next week.........and I will find out, then what will the new price be?

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5 Sec movies

Very cool...very novel.

But what if this catches on? And we start getting 2 minute "commercial breaks" that comprise 24 5 sec commercials? Yeow!! :banghead

I may get motion sickness... :puke ...or have to reboot my brain :eek

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Well, there's one thing nice about a pilots license. It's good till you die, so I guess I'll have to take myself up for a spin..............OH NO, not spin.........Touch N Go.

All in fun

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I would say yes on that one. If you read my thread 440HP....the owner of my dealship said no new color changes for the XLR-V, but they are adding one darker color to the XLR, but forgot the color

harrysxlr said:
do you think or know if crimson-pearl is available for the XLR V ?
As you know the CTS V was in the first year (2004) only in black and silver available and as far as I heard it`s the same with the STS V.

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