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2004 xlr issues

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I have a couple of issues with our 2004 xlr.
The car has 16000 miles.
The only modifications we have made are Corsa exhaust, and K&N air filters.
We love this car, and would not trade it for the world.
The first issue is with the original wheels.
I just came in from cleaning the car, and noticed that 2 of the wheels on the same side, seem to be pealing their skin in a couple of places, about the size of a quarter. Are these wheels clear coated at the factory? And if so, has anyone else experienced this problem?
Is this a warranty issue?
Second, whenever my wife drives the car with the air conditioning on, she notices a strange odor when the ac starts up, even after turning off the the air recirculator. It goes away after 15-20 seconds. Anyone else had this problem?
Well, that is about it. We have had the usual top problems, along with the DRL burning out, but it is a labor of love.
Thanks for the help.
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