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20 inche wheels and tires

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does anyone know if it is possible to put 275/35/20 on the rear of our cars or is the 255 the widest anyone has tryed,i am thinking of trying the 275 when i find a 20 i like since i already have two new michelin pilots in 275. also is 255 the widest for the fronts. thanks
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that's the set up I had on my XLR, it looked and fit great but you have to make sure the off-set is right. there's not much room on the back side due to the extra wide trunk.

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that car looks awesome,which offset and brand of wheels,also did you have 255 on the front and 275 on the rear
yes they are 255 and 275s
Makaveli custom made the wheel and I don't remember the off took us a few tries
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