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Exclamation A Whole lotta info!

April 23-26 Asheville Spring Trip

Thursday Evening
Most of us will be staying at Holiday Inn Biltmore-West, 435 Smokey Park Hwy., Asheville, NC 28806 (828) 665-2161
Some of us will be arriving on Thursday night and will be dining at Yoshida's Japanese Steakhouse. It is 5.5 miles from our hotel. So far we have 6 people reserved for 8pm at a Hibachi table. Casual Japanese steak and seafood restaurant, with hibachi/tappen yaki style dining.
4 Regent Park Blvd, Asheville, NC 28806 (828) 252-5903

Friday Morning
Breakfast at the IHOP .5 miles from our hotel at 7:00am. IHOP Restaurant: 275-B Smokey Park Highway,Asheville, NC 28806-1140, (828) 665-9390

For those of you not joining us for breakfast, meet at the IHOP parking lot to caravan with us to the Biltmore at 8:35-8:40am or meet us at the entrance by 9:00am.

We can purhcase the group general admission rates for the Biltmore by calling 866-851-4661 Use Promo Code: MFT
Group rate for General admission is $38 pp. You can also buy the tickets at the gate, but it would speed things up at the entrance if we all have our tickets in order. Once we are in the door of the House, we can buy the extra tours each one of us would like to go on.
Additional rates for specialty tours above the price of general admission:
-Roof Top tour:Guided + $15pp starts at 9:30am til 3:30pm. Runs every 30 minutes for a 1 hour long tour.
-Behind the scenes Guided tour: + $15pp same times as above.
-Red Wine & Chocolates tour at the winery: Free at 2:30pm and at 4pm lasts for about 30 minutes.
-Guided Tour is + $15pp once a day starts at 4pm and runs for about 1.5 to 2 hours.
-Audio guide: + $8pp (I was told this was well worth it!)
Gardens tours at our own leisure.
Of course there are more specialty tours, see link below for details.
We will all be at the gate at 9am so we can all park in our own "special section"!
Once we are in we will take pictures with all our babies parked in the "special" area and then we can enjoy the house. If by chance you are not at the entrance with us, just make sure you tell the guard that you have permission to park with the Group of Corvettes at the “Ramp Deuce”. Back up your car into the parking spots, so the rear of our cars are facing the house. I will fill you guys in of another cool thing we will do once we are there before we park.

I know Paul and I will take the Rooftop tour in the AM and take our camera up with (permission was given) so we can take pics from the top!!! We will also do the Audio Guide.
There are several restaurants to choose from for lunch, the one I thought would serve our group most conveniently is the Deerpark Restaurant, which is a short drive deeper into the property.
Go online to and check out the different dining choices and their menus. The Bistro also looks good, much smaller Tuscan style. The Stable Cafe looks great too next door to the house.
We will probably visit the winery for Red wine & chocolates at either 2:30 or 4pm.
We will also visit the gardens near the bass pond which is a 1/2 mile walk or drive and park on the side of the road for pictures. The walled gardens near the gift shop is in the plan as well, park and take photos.
Photos can be taken anywhere on the property except inside the home!
The house has 350 stairs, so for just the general touring be prepared to get some serious exercise if you choose to do the extra specialty tours. The Roof top and the Behind the scenes each have additional 250 stairs!! This is why we chose only one and not both.
Make the Most of Your Biltmore Visit
• Allow plenty of time. You may be amazed by the size of the estate and all the things to see and do. Allow at least a day to see the house, gardens, winery, and River Bend Farm. Allow two days or more for outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, and guided tours.
• Arrive early. View our seasonal estate hours for Biltmore opening times.
• Extend your visit. Spend an additional day exploring the estate by purchasing a next-day upgrade for $10.00 at our guest services locations.
• Get your tickets in advance. Save time:purche advanced tickets online or by calling 800-411-3812.
• Stay a night or two. Save time and money with Biltmore hotel packages.
• Dress for comfort. Wear comfortable walking shoes & layers to allow for changeable mountain weather.
• Parking is free, and some of the estate venues are several miles apart, so you’ll need to drive to some of the other estate attractions.
• Arrive after 2:00 p.m. and visit the next day for free! Simply enter the gate after 2:00 p.m. and your admission ticket will be valid for the next day as well.

Friday Night Dinner

Pomodoros South, 9 miles from hotel. 75 Long Shoals Rd, Asheville, NC 28704 Reservations begin at 6:45, 7:00, 7:15, 7:30 & 7:45pm
6:45 - 8pple: Bill & Nancy, Norm & Marge, Bill & Donna, Dick & Mary Ann
7:00 - 5-6ppl: Jack & Lynda, George, Ed & Carolyn
7:15 - 7-8 pple: Bruce & Kathy, Frank +1, Bob & Paula, Mark
7:30 - 6ppl: Paul & Mea, Dewayne & Brenda, Randy & Phyllis
7:45 - 5-6pple: Brian & Teresa, Kevin & Marion, Rich
Map from Hotel to Pomodoros South

Map from Biltmore to Pomodoros South

When we drive in to the restaurant, if you drive straight until you have to make a left or right make a left. You will then see several spots that typically are not used since they are for businesses that are only open during the day. A little further ahead there also several spots facing the woods that border our property that may also be empty.
For a large group like this, in order to serve us from their wonderful regular menu and in a timely manner, we were asked to make reservations in advance of groups of 6-8-10. Arrivals within about 15 minutes apart.
Some of the locals can arrive a bit earlier or later than the folks taking the Biltmore tours. Everyone attending (so far 31), please contact me as to what time would suit you better to be seated and that way the orders don't come in all at once. We will all still be enjoying each other's company and our cars, we just won't be eating at one table and put in our orders all at the same time.
Here is what I have come up with so far. I can only put times of request of those of you who rsvp's to me. Others, I just did my best to make it even and easier on seating and ordering. Now this does not mean that is the time you need to be there at, just that this is the seating times. So if some get there earlier and they are able to seat us, great, if not, then we can socialize by the cars. Also we can swap people for times once we are there, as long as we keep it a bit spread out, to allow the restaurant to accommodate us in a timely manner. If you wish to swap times, names, just let me know.

Saturday Morning

Saturday drive & lunch: We will all meet at the IHOP on US-19 just North of I-40. IHOP Restaurant: 275-B Smokey Park Highway,Asheville, NC 28806-1140, (828) 665-9390
Breakfast at the IHOP .5 miles from our hotel at 7:00am. For those of you not joining us for breakfast, meet at the IHOP parking lot for the drive. We will depart at 8:30am, so please be there by 8:15.
I will have copies of the route for everyone and PLEASE BRING YOUR FRS RADIOS, we will do a radio check/sync before we leave. We will have several cars to keep us all together, and I will provide cell phone numbers for myself, Brian and Bruce. There will be some good photo ops. Lunch will be at the Pisgah Inn Restaurant.
We will head counter clockwise and end up having lunch on the Parkway at the Pisgah Inn, then finish at the BRP & 191. We will make stops at Looking Glass falls & Sliding Rock then head back North to the Parkway and head East. We should be able to make it to the Pisgah Inn for lunch between noon and 1pm-ish. There is not many places to pull over for breaks along the route that we could see. Definitely not on 215. If we need to make a stop before we get onto 276 heading North, we can stop in Brevard.

Saturday Afternoon Party at Asheville Chevrolet

Asheville Chevrolet, 205 Smokey Park Hwy., (828)665-4444 Dealership is .5 miles from our hotel. They are throwing us a party starting 4pm...nice group of people there!
We will show up between 3:30 and 4pm with all our washed and cleaned cars after the drive & lunch, so that the locals can enjoy the awesome line-up of Vettes & XLRs!
Car Washes near the Hotel...also

Saturday Night Dinner

Grove Park 7:00pm. 9 miles from the hotel. The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, 290 Macon Avenue, Asheville, NC 28804 (828)-252-2711 Blue Ridge Dining Room: Sat. night has a Prime Rib Buffet 5:30–9:30 PM This is a beautiful setting, so for a great photo opportunity, we should probably show up a bit earlier to take some pics. Attire is resort casual, they prefer no jeans.

For folks with allergies, it may be a good idea to pack something to ease the symptoms.

Asheville weather forecast: Hopefully it won’t change much.
Thursday: High 72, partly cloudy,Low 45 Friday: High 77, Partly cloudy,Low 52
Saturday: High 77, partly cloudy,Low 52 Sunday: High 72, 50% chance of thunderstorms

Here is what we have so far for attendance:

Looking forward to seeing everyone & your cars and having a great time. Weather looks good, photos ops will be great!
Be safe on the road trips and C U soon. :

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additional event

I've just added a new event after the drive:
Saturday Afternoon Party at Asheville Chevrolet
Please see the list again, I've updated it.
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Just got back a few hours ago from our awesome trip. Paul had to bail me out of jail....Yikes!
Mea likes drivin Z06, Mea gets caught drivin just a tad over the speed limit. Only 180mph....

Mea no like hand cuffs....

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haha, That was a fun joke that the officer played along with nicely!

hehe, The Officer was a great sport...he enjoyed playin along with our little joke on our way home. Actually wrote me up a tickie (warning) for driving He wants a Z06.

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Back from Asheville

Hi Y'all,

Man, was that an incredible trip! Everyone had a great time, laughed so hard, we cried, tummy aches, probably developed wrinkles....
The local folks were awesome, the food was superb, and weather could not be better! Tiny bit of rain on Friday, but didn't spoil the fun.

The Biltmore was gorgeous, and cars were cute as heck parked directly in front for a great photo op, then afterward parked right at the end of the lawn for some more great pics. We had so much action, so much to do, all of us are pretty tired from 2.5 fun filled days in Asheville plus the long drives. We represented 9 States and met some great friends!
We made it in the local paper, someone caught us on video and will post it on You Tube at Looking Glass Falls. :
Let's just say, the cars raised quite a few eyebrows, and turned many heads! :
The XLR's were a hot ticket, 7 of them sparkly and stylin all together, rolling with fellow Vettes of many colors and years.
This was a memorable event, many want to play again next year, if not sooner.

I miss all of you already :...many thanks to the locals, to Bruce & Kathy for bringing all the XLR's and a few Vettes. Jack & Lynda Parker are a hoot! Miss You guys!!! Even Gayle and Bob drove their new baby 2009 XLR Platinum for it's 1st event! They were stylin!
We missed Mark Toffolo, and Ed & Carolyn who did not make it. Met George for the first time, he was sooo cool, he traded cars with one of the local Vette owners, so Layton and his wife got to enjoy driving part of the Parkway in his XLR-V!!!!
Smiles everywhere, camera's snapping like crazy!
You locals are a hoot, I am hoping we will get to see all of you again in the future. Some of you will come down to Florida, get a hold of me, so we can meet you and have some more fun!
Thanks to Brian, Steve, Jason, Layton, many more to list......
Darren, we missed you! Tyler showed up at the hotel to say "Hi". It was great to have Dave and son Lewis hang with the gang....His 15th B-day is this week!
Bill & Nancy...we wished you guys could have been with us Saturday as well, you'll have to fill us in on your Autocross!
Norm & Marge, along with Dick & Mary Ann were styling in their converts! :auto:
Dewayne & Brenda, along with Randy & Phyllis were a total crack up...they made us laugh so hard, especially Teresa...hehe That Pomodoros dinner was a great time.... The inside jokes were endless!
Their white Converts were such a treat to look at, snow white and hot as heck! Brenda...U one lucky lady! Miss you guys very much, and take that man of yours to the docs for his shoulder!! Paulie and I can't "hook him up" anymore! hehehehe
Bill (aka Robin...hehe) & Donna in their yellow Convert were a treat! Looking forward to you two visiting down in FL! Will the real Robin, please stand I am sorry about your scratch on your rear in the parking lot!
Brian and Teresa...well....he is a stomach turner His driving skills are AWESOME! Felt safe, but sick being behind him on the mountain in a good way. :ack: haha
Layton and his 4 other cars were a treat too. Got to meet his parents, few friends and Fred...ahh the "famous" Cyber Z06 owner...hehe :

We had several Police visits for fun, none of us got into trouble, Marion got handcuffed by Kevin, instead of the police...hehe.
Yoshida's was a total blast! I dont think we could have had a funnnnner dinnnner! It was perfect, great pics to prove it too!
Marion might need some extra chop sticks though...Just so she does not run out! Kevin may have to invest some stock....oh and in handcuffs
It was wonderful to see Bob and Paula...she is miss social butterfly! Always with a great big smile, and very sweet. :
Rich, well, need I say anything here..always the life of the party and a wonderful must have for any and all gatherings...hehe Hope Misty get's a doctor's visit soon and gets well again!
Cathy & her daughter Julia were quite the hit as well in their Hot black Barbie mobile!

I will post pics as soon as I can go through them. Too many good shots!
I still need some more: 's, but I know you all wanna see some pics.
Asheville will not forget this shin-dig of ours....
:Mea stopped traffic on roads a little too much, but no one got hurt.....:willy: My new camera had a blast, needless to say, all the cars posed happily!:
More later....gotta get busy on pics!

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Nice Turnout!!!

I am happy that everyone had a Great Time!!!


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Awesome pictures

Here are a few pics, but the rest are in the process of being loaded onto photobucket. Hundreds will be posted within a few days, but look at some great ones here:

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Friday morning going to Biltmore Estates

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Biltmore Estates

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Looking Glass falls video

Here is the link to the mini clip of the XLRs and Vettes pulling in one by one with crazy woman stopping traffic on 276. :
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Really enjoyed those pics and that fun YouTube clip. Wish I had been able to come!

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Originally Posted by JayInAtlanta View Post
Really enjoyed those pics and that fun YouTube clip. Wish I had been able to come!


It would have been nice to add one more car to our caravan and more people to enjoy the other cars and their owners.
Next time!
I have a feeling I may have to arrange another gathering in the future...cause I gotta visit all my new friends in NC!
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Originally Posted by XLRAT View Post
We are beginning the planning stages for the Biltmore trip. We are in the process of looking into hotel packages. Most of us will stay Thursday-Sunday. If anyone would like to attend this get together, please let us know. We thought it would be fun to invite Corvette owners as well, the two cars are related, so it would make for some great photos and mingling!
Bruce thought of a nice drive on the Blue Ridge as well, we could make quite the XLR/Vette snake!
Once we narrow down the choices for hotel packages, I will post them and the rates. If anyone has some fun ideas for places to eat, please feel free to share. I heard seafood buffet mentioned earlier. Also downtown Asheville would be a great place to visit and have a meal or two.
Hope everyone is having a great New Year!
Any Chicago XLR Events
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