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Almost new to XLR

Hello. I have a long story but instead of boring you today I’ll just say a family member has had a 05 XLR for about 5 years, the car has been in my driveway for about 3 months, and it looks like I’m am going to end up buying the car. The car needs work (radar cruise, ride control module is fried and so is the top control module). First order of business is the ride control. If I’ve understood posts I’ve read correctly, I can by-pass the ride control module and install coil-overs but I believe this means I’d have to repair/replace the module just to be able to by pass. Am I understanding correctly? I’d hate to spend a couple grand on a module just to by-pass. If there already is a thread covering this please point me in the right direction. Any advise is welcome and will appreciated.
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