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: Adjusting hands-free phone volume

05-10-2004, 01:17 PM
I checked the book but I can't find a reference for this adjustment. Anyone know? It pretty loud the way it was delivered.

05-10-2004, 01:27 PM
I just got my XLR 2 weeks ago and have been reading the manual. I think I recall it saying you can use the steering wheel volume adjustment while you are "in" a call, to adjust the call volume.

Haven't tried it myself. It may have been in the Navigation/Stereo manual, not the regular manual.

05-10-2004, 01:45 PM
it's the same controls as your radio/Cd player

05-10-2004, 01:53 PM
I've had no luck lowering the volume on any of my OnStar calls.

05-11-2004, 08:23 AM
I tried the radio-mounted volume control, however it didn't seem to have much effect. I'll try it again as well as the sterring wheel mounted control. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the responses.