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: Power Control Module

11-14-2003, 06:51 PM
Just got my # 9 NM XLR back from the dealer this afternoon after they replaced the PCM (power control module). Runs fine now.
Had gotten a check engine symbol a couple of weeks ago. Dealer checked and said that the PCM was faulty and would have to be replaced. Had to order the part and it would be a week or two till it came in. Since the first time the symbol came on, we continued to drive it. The symbol came on another three times and then would go out. One of the times my wife had the engine stall in a parking lot. Turned every thing off, waited a few seconds and restarted with no problem.
This dealer received two NM cars, mine and one other. The other one had also failed and would barely run. Both are fine now.
Has anyone else heard of any problems?

11-17-2003, 07:36 PM

Are you experiencing any problems since your PCM was swapped out?

11-19-2003, 07:49 AM
No problems at all since the swap last week. Everything else seems to be fine. Maybe your dealer needs to get up to date.
Hope there are no more lurking problems. I too had a call from Cadillac (at 9:00 PM) a week or so after experiencing the problem the first time telling me that some owners had had this problem. When I mentioned that I had already experienced it, she said that was good -- maybe I could help the dealer pinpoint the cause.
Clee85 in FL

11-24-2003, 05:32 PM
Got my raven 11/5 and drove no more than 10 miles and got a "service traction control" message. When I got off the xway I noticed very little traction from the trans. Found out later it was because, even though I was at a stop, I was in 5th gear. Took back to dealer 11/7 and after nearly 4 hours they diagnosed I needed a new Traction Control Module(TCM). I bought the car in Norman, OK but live in St. Louis and needed to drive it home. They told me no safety or further mechanical concern and drive it home. They ordered the part to be dlvrd to my STL dealer and would inform them of all details.

I had to have the car haul into the St. Louis dealer on Monday 11/9 and on Thursday 11/12 they told me they fixed it, that it was a connector at the TCM. I drove it about 30 miles, garaged it for the night, and when I pulled out in the morning there was the warning again. I limped it into the dealer this time. They called me in the afternoon to tell me it needed a TCM, what a surprise!
They ordered it but have no idea when it will come in because the part doesn't show in stock anywhere. I've made a number of phone calls to any GM number for assistance I can find and the news keeps getting worse. The TCM comes from a vendor in France and they're not replying to email. No one I contact has the brains to figure out how to find one in Bowling Green Assembly. So, my new beautiful XLR sits at Plaza Motors, with no idea if when or ever it will be able to drive.

I take suggestions, phone numbers, contacts from anyone. I can't get ahold of anyone from GM who really knows what they're doing to solve the problem. Anyone else having this PROBLEM with their XLR.